Isachsen, an Arctic weather station in the far reaches of the Canadian North, operated on Ellef Ringnes Island from 1948-1978. In 1974, Doug Munson, a 19-year-old farm boy from Southern Ontario, was stationed at Isachsen for 12 months as a weather observation technician with Environment Canada. The nearest settlement is over 300 miles south, and the only connection to the outside world was a monthly air-supply drop and the occasional radio transmission. In winter, the sun fails to rise for three months, and the temperature can drop below -50C; Isachsen is a test of endurance.

Over 40 years after his father left Isachsen, aAron munson hauled eight pieces of luggage over four flights to reach the abandoned station, which was decommissioned in 1978. After being dropped off by a chartered Twin Otter ski plane, aAron and his guide Mark set up camp in an old garage to escape the violent Arctic winds. He spent the next seven days capturing the frozen state of the ghost station and surrounding area.

Isachsen presents Doug and aAron’s experience of being at the station through a multimedia exhibition of photography, video installation, sculpture and sound. Contributing artists aAron munson, David Hoffos, Dara Humniski and Gary James Joynes present work that offers an intimate perspective into the impact of isolation in the high-Arctic.

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