A film for the title track of the album "UNDER THE SUN" by Mark Pritchard on Warp Records. Available in 4K. Best listened to with headphones, or speakers that can transmit some bass.

A depiction of depression.
"deceiver" by Loscil - from the album Monument Builders - KRANK204

Blair Maddox has been projecting IMAX films at the Space & Science Centre in Edmonton, Canada for almost 30 years. 'Blair's Last Day' documents his last day on the job before the IMAX theatre switches to a digital projection system, leaving Blair unemployed after projecting over 30,000 films.

Four years ago I began working on what was supposed to be a documentary about living with depression. In the end, if there is anything harder than having a conversation about depression, it is making a film about it. After numerous shoots, interviews, restarts, and stages of abandonment, I created this piece. The film is an attempt at translating the emotional state of depression, as I experience it. Filmed almost entirely on the Phantom slow motion camera at 1500 frames per second, 100 Attempts To Make a Film About Depression represents an ongoing struggle to be open about coping with depression, something that affects far more people than we would like to admit.

"It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there." Pierre Elliott Trudeau


Official Music Video for the S04 track 'Now That I've Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better' off of the Spanish Moss and Total Loss album.

My last 12 rolls of Kodachrome Super8 film. Part of the last batch processed at Dwayne's Photo in December of 2010.


AurA could be described as an experimental documentary which explores an old friend's 8 year struggle with mental and physical health. Collapsing into a seizure on a soccer field almost a decade ago, a young man recounts how his life was changed forever.


A young man recounts his experience with mental illness and how it has impacted life as he knew it. "Leaving Me" is an abstract journey through the fabric of the brain, revealing the fragile elements of self that are contained within.


Short Film for the title track of the 2007 Piano Magic Album  "Part Monster".

“ not so natural ” is a glimpse into the evolution of mans relationship with nature. We are a part of nature and yet we have distanced ourselves from it in so many ways. Where will the path that we choose lead us, and leave us, in our relationship to that which has given us life?

A meditative cycle of sight and sound, featuring the music of Mark Templeton.

Early short film. Shot on Super 8 Kodachrome and spliced vegetation onto 16mm film.

Entry for the David Lynch music video competition held by Genero.tv

Shot on one roll of Super8 B&W film, entirely in camera.

Early short film.

Shot on one roll of Super8 B&W film, entirely in camera.